MusicAm I using the right language in my production?

Am I using the right language in my production?

by Rob Wills (@robsnoise)


It really is crucial for me when it comes to making audio branding for radio stations, shows, podcasts and videos – that I am getting the language and messaging right for the audience!


See the thing is, audio branding is an audio message as well as an identity. It’s the ‘voice’ and ‘tone’ of your product. You can be the best producer in the world but if you don’t communicate, it’s kind of lost. 


An example of this I came across years ago whilst on air. I hit the ramp into the break and finished my link with “I’m dropping new Justin Bieber next!” followed by an older member of the team asking “why are you telling people about the songs you are not playing?”!


The language I used made sense to me in my early 20s (dropping meant I was playing it) but not to this guy in his early 50s who thought ‘dropping’ meant I was dropping it from the show. It’s the same with imaging and branding.


Think wider about why that production piece is there. Can you connect with a listener or viewer in a smarter way?


Am I “in their socials” or “on facebook”. Are they “bangers” “hits” or “new music”?


Maybe it’s as simple as branding your station clearly so people know what they are listening to. It might be that you want them to download an app for example. You would explain that in a different way to a 13-year-old than you would a 63-year-old right? Remember that this works in reverse too! You can imagine someone in your life now who is not tech-savvy right…….now explain to them how to download an app! Potentially a different experience VS a tech-loving teen! 


So here are my tips!


  1. Start with the end in mind. Who are we talking to? Imagine them now and start writing with them in your head.
  2. Experiment, the first thing you write might not be right. Walk away from it and revisit it. 
  3. Really think about the words you are using, do they match your audience demographic/target audience? Is it language they would use day to day in conversation? Would they understand?
  4. Word economise if you can and challenge yourself to simplify it. 

We can help you create a really slick script for you before you start producing and make sure you are connecting with your audience!


Now I am off to ‘drop’ some more imaging……or is it make…..create……craft……….


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