We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more
information about 4UD.IO and what we offer.

What is 4ud.io?

4UDIO is a service brought to you by award-winning sound designers and music composers. We supply audio files such as music themes, sound fx, beats and much more. We have been creating music and radio imaging for over 15 years for the biggest brands in the world.

How do I buy?

Have a look at the packs currently available and listen to the demos. Everything you hear in the demo (excluding the professional voiceover narration) is included in the pack. Read carefully the description and what is inside the zip. Once you are happy with the pack, click buy. Once you have paid you will receive an encoded link to download your zip file.

I’ve paid but not received my link?

This very rarely happens but occasionally it can. This will be because of one of these three things:

1: Please check your spam. Sometimes those filters can stop our emails getting through.

2: Please check your bank account. Sometimes banks stop purchases from new sites so where it might look like your payment has gone through, it may have stopped.

3: Drop us an email! We can look at the purchases and will be able to see your email. Please let us know the pack you purchased, roughly the time and date and if the payment has gone through we will manually send you a new link within 24hours.


Almost all of our audio is custom (unless we state otherwise) meaning that you can use it on radio, in podcasts, tv, film and streaming/multimedia projects. You will notice in the downloaded zip file an excel where we supply the writers and track details so if you are reporting music (for example to PROs for TV/Radio) you can submit these details. 


We sometimes provide branded intros for music (mainly for radio) you must be fully registered with your local Performing Rights Organisation (such as PRS in the UK, IMRO in Ireland for example) to be able to use these. You can find out more about your local PRO here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_rights_organisation


If you are unsure about where you can / cannot use the audio, just drop us a line and explain the pack and what you want to do and we will help!

(this has never happened before btw) I don’t like the audio, can I have a refund?

Sorry, we can not offer refunds. We supply demos and tracklisting so you can really hear and understand what you get as part of the service.

How do I know what is custom audio and what isn’t?

Most of our audio is custom but check the music details PDF in the download and you will clearly see if we have used music in imagers/demonstrators for example. We will also make this clear on the shop product pages.

Can I make imaging from your audio and sell it?

Like all fx and sample libraries you can’t just put a voiceover in and sell or re-package and sell as your own. Don’t be cheeky! But you can use our packs to create your own products to sell and we would encourage that. Just ensure that you are also forwarding the track details for those people to report any usage.

Can I make imaging from your audio for the radio, my podcast or youtube channel?

Sure thing. Just make sure you are aware of the licensing and the broadcast details first. Any help you need, just let us know!

Can you customise or make something unique for me?

Sure thing. Our producers, jingle and music writers are multi award winning and pretty ace at their job. Just get in touch via the contact us page and give us an idea of what you are looking for, the kind of sound you are needing and maybe an idea of budget….that way we can try and help and if not, point you in the right direction!

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